Company History

In the history of Toma Engineering e.K., some essential milestones have ensured that we have gradually become a successful group of companies that operates globally. For over 20 years, we have been proving how modern and innovative a traditional family company can be. What started with a small office in the German city of Aachen now stands up internationally with a selected network, constant growth and a distinguished customer base.

  • 1993: Founding of Toma Engineering by Akram Toma
  • 2003: 50% share in the Xelan International GmbH joint venture (establishment of the company)
  • 2004: Complete takeover of Xelan International GmbH
  • 2013: Relocation to the newly constructed works site in Simmerath (total of 8,000 m2 land – approx. 3,000 m2 of this are developed at present)
  • 2015: Formation of VTS International GmbH, on which the Xelan International GmbH holds a majority stake. Expansion of the company goups product portfolio to Centac® air cooler.